Astrologer Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol

- Correspondence with Official Administration -


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1984.03.30 Health Directorate: Breachment of the right to access own medical journal  
1987.06.22 Telecom: Astrology admitted to the Yellow Pages; Discussion and terms.
1994.04.27 Ministry of Church-, Education and Research: Regarding Project-funding
1995.01.30 Letter from the Minister of Culture: The Dissemination of Astrology
2007.01.02 Ministry of Church and Culture: History of Science and Cultural Inheritance
2008.05.14 Royal Ministry of Education: Astrology at Universities Abroad
2011.03.02 Indian Supreme Court:Astrology is a Science
1996.07.12 Ministry of Communications: Telenor Media, Telenor Link & Astrology
1996.11.19 Ministry of Police and Justice: Viewpoint on Payphone Services
1991.01.07 From: Consumer Ombudsman to Telecom: Payphone & Marketing Laws
1990.11.29 To:  Ombudsman: Telecom's misrepresentation of Astrology
1991.01.17 To:  Ombudsman: Confirmation receipt
1990.10.19 To:  Telecom Authorities: Concerning Astrology and Payphone Services
1990.12.20 To:  Telecom Authorities: Definition of Services
1995.09.11 To:  Telenor: Definition of Trade Directory
1995.09.12 To:  Telenor: Commerial Exploitation of Astrology
1996.05.10 From: Telenor: Branch Control
1996.05.13 To:  Telenor: Branch Control, Ethics and Spiritual Life
1992.06.24 Lillehammer Olympic Committee: Astrological concept
1992.10.31 Prime Minister does not belittle  Intuition and Creative input
1990.01.15 To:  Consumer Ombudsman: Misleading Marketing - Postal Order
1991.02.07 To:  Consumer Ombudsman: Public Complaints - Postal Order
1991.11.30 From: Ombudsman: Horoscope - Marketing law - Postal Orde
1992.03.27 To:  Consumer Magazine NRK: Misleading Marketling
1991.06.17 To:  Europe-press, A-press: Concerning degrading use of Astrology
1989.06.16 Ministry of Culture and Science: Advice concerning Astrology
1987.12.16 Storebrand: Regarding the use of Astrology and tracing of Missing Articles
1988.11.03 Ministry of Oil- and Energy: Searching for Oil and Gas in the Barents Sea
1989.06.30 Ministry of Defence: Searching for Foreign Submarines
1989.09.25 Searching for Foreign Submarines
1989.10.13 Searching for Foreign Submarines
1989.02.24 National hospital: Involvement concerning Cot Death
1990.04.02 Statistical Bureau, Health statistics: Data concerning Cot Death
1990.04.02 National hospital: Studies on Cot Death
1990.04.18 Medical Birth Register: Forwards Enquiry
1990.05.16 National Association for Support upon Cot Death
1990.06.29 National hospital: Involvement in the question of Cot Death
1990.07.21 National Association for Support upon Cot Death
1990.08.28 National Institute for Public Health
1991.09.02 Health Directorate: Concerning Access to Birth Register
1992.03.25 Health Directorate: Refusal of Access to Birth Register for Studies
1990.06.29 To: Ministry of Culture- and Science: Astrology's cultural and topical value
1990.11.25 To: Ministry of Culture:  Concerning Official Registry
1990.11.29 To: Ministry of Culture: Registry, Telecom and Consumer Ombudsman
1991.02.07 To: Ministry of Culture: Misguiding Information and Commercial Abuse
1991.02.22 To: Ministry of Culture: Recognized Schools within the Astrological
1993.06.07 To: The White House: Concerning the security of President Clinton
1993.08.27 University of Oslo: Historical Philosophical Faculty
1989.05.11 NRK: Broadcast Schedule for 'Right to vote'
1994.04.08 NRK: Homeopathy's Advancements and Scientific Method
1994.05.04 TV2 and Holmgang Editorial Office:  'Before Holmgang'
1996.11.12 TV2 Helps You - Editor
1995.10.27 Cardinal Hume, Westminister Cathedral, London, England
1995.11.01 Archbishop's House, Westminister, London, UK
1997.08.15 Civil Aviation Administration: Observations concerning Aviation Disasters
1997.02.23 VG: Predicts Bondevik as future Prime Minister
1997.10.29 Prime Minister's Office: Your work has been noticed
2007.01.02 Ministry of Church and Culture: History of Science and Cultural Inheritance
2007.09.11 To: Ministry of Church and Culture: Astrology's belonging among Disciplines
2008.05.14 Royal Ministry of Education: Astrology at Universities Abroad


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